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Employment Opportunities

It is the goal of U-GO Transportation to provide reliable, safe, timely and comfortable transportation to mobility-challenged individuals. Non-emergency Medical Transportation is essential for connecting your passengers with friends, family, and medical services. As a result, we select drivers and staff that wish to help people care for themselves. If you are looking for a real opportunity to contribute to your community, and you believe you meet our high standards of service and professionalism, U-GO Transportation could provide the career for you.

Our Basic requirements for new drivers:

  • Class D drivers license with F endorsement
  • Be licensed as a Chauffeur driver for at least 2 full years
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Have experience chauffeuring passengers

Note: New hires undergo complete screening and a rigorous training program, before driving on the road with passengers.

Our employment screenings includes:

  • Employment Background Checks to investigate work history & experience
  • Criminal Background checks, including a check for inclusion in the National Sex Offender Registry
  • Employee Health Screenings (which include a TB test) to determine physical aptitude before actively performing job duties.
  • Drug and Alcohol screenings
  • A review of the applicant’s driving record for points and serious offenses.

Upon hire, all employees are guided through the following:

  • An overview of company policies (Including our Drug/Alcohol Abuse Policy, No-Smoking Policy, Sexual Harassment Policy, Firearm Policy, Cell Phone & Texting Policy, & Driver Code of Conduct)
  • Customer Relations Training
  • HIPPA Training
  • The needs of those using mobility aids (ie, wheelchairs)
  • The needs of Brain Injured/Dementia/Alzheimer Passengers
  • CPR/First Aid Training
  • Fire Extinguisher Use Review
  • Use and training of wheelchair lift and restraints
  • Driver Safety/Defensive Driving
  • Severe Weather Training
  • Incident & Accident Reporting Process
  • First Aid/CPR certified

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