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U-GO Transportation

We Specialize in Non-Emergency Medical Transportation.



We are a proud family of medical passenger transporters.        

Specialty Service

That is why we have equipped ourselves to handle a majority of special needs.

Don’t miss another doctor’s appointment or social event.

Are you or a loved one no longer able to drive or are you experiencing challenges that make driving difficult? Is it causing you to miss important appointments or social events, such as weddings or church? Does your lack of access to reliable transportation make it difficult for you to pick up medications, go on trips, or shop for necessities?

U-GO Transportation provides our community with an affordable and compassionate solution to getting you and your loved ones from “bedside to doctor side” and to all destinations in between. We can give them back the feeling of independence and freedom they once had, as well as peace of mind for family that their loved ones are in competent hands.

U-GO Transportation provides the community with safe and reliable transportation. This allows our clients to travel with peace of mind at affordable rates, which are even covered by some insurance. We provide mobility to those who are no longer able to drive or are experiencing challenges that make driving difficult, causing them to miss out on events or appointments. Consider our company as a specialized taxi service, because we know how difficult it is to deal with an injury, illness, or disability. Let us help you get to where you want to go.



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